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China's ordinary nitrogen fertilizer has the seasonal utilization rate of about 30% -35%, phosphate fertilizer 10%-25%, and potash fertilizer 35% -50%. In some areas, the utilization ratio is even lower. In other words, less than one-third of the fertilizer applied to the soil is absorbed by the crop, so that a considerable part fails to function and is wasted. Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer is rich in humic acid, which has obvious effect of phosphate dissolving, potassium dissolving, water conservancy and soil moisture conservation, but also can effectively activate the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium level in the soil due to single application of chemical fertilizers. A large number of experiments show that combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer with a small amount of chemical fertilizer leads to the mutual support between the organic and inorganic elements, and complementary advantages, so that the nutrient utilization ration is up to 50% -60%.
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